Comprehensive digital transformation solutions for Chain stores

AIONStore is a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence technology and modern interactive devices to convert traditional stores into smart stores.

Through the application of the latest technologies, AionStore helps to effectively support sales promotion activities, cut costs and increase direct revenue for retail stores. At the same time, it allows businesses to understand and enhance the customer experience at the store.

Application of AI technology
in smart store construction

Bộ công nghệ Trí tuệ nhân tạo được tích hợp với các thiết bị phần cứng tương tác
tạo ra giải pháp chuyển đổi số thông minh và đột phá cho cửa hàng.

Data Recognition
and Statistics technology

Allows tracking and analysis of customer data, saving manpower and surveying time.

Smart Interactive

Engage and enhance the customer experience with technology displays and self-service devices.

Centralized Management

Evaluate and comment on business results and growth of each store branch.

6 Digital transformation solutions for stores

Build a smart store with AIONStore

Visitor Detection

Identify & analyze
customer data

Applying facial recognition technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the camera system, stores can identify and classify which are new customers, returning customers and customers who have purchased. From there, the store will have appropriate navigation activities for customers.

Face recognition and customer identification

Easily capture information and shopping history of each customer.

Improve the quality of customer service

Notify the staff if the old customer comes back, the staff knows the customer's name to actively greet.

Personalize the promotion

Accurate product recommendations based on customer preferences, habits, and income levels.

Automatic body temperature measurement and alarm

Propose a plan to handle unusual situations in the shortest time.
Counting Management

Measurement & statistics of customer traffic at each store

With a combination of dedicated turn-counting devices, statistical dashboards and real-time reports, Counting Management allows accurate recording of demographic information and customer traffic to the store, helping to evaluate performance of each store branch effectively.

Counting in and out

Support the coordination of personnel, evaluate the sales performance of employees and evaluate the potential of the store location

Counting passersby

Nắm rõ tình hình khách ở khu vực gần cửa hàng và đánh giá mức độ phù hợp của các chương trình xúc tiến bán hàng

Height measurement

Understand the average age status of customers, assess the suitability of the store location with the target audience

Self Service Kiosks

Allowing customers to submit or process service requests, select products easily through devices with interactive screens without the need for support staff.

Record customer information quickly through the face, thereby making suggestions about suitable products / services based on the behavioral history and preferences of each customer

Allow customers to interact with one-touch, easy to use, reduce waiting time and help customers access more options.

Support quick and easy payment via bank card system, Visa, Master Card,... right at the kiosk.

Centralized management & real-time operational statistics, cutting down on traditional processes, easily deploying incentive and marketing programs.

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Smart Display

Replace monotonous traditional advertising screens, standees, banners, and posters with intelligent object-oriented advertising screens that automatically change and display advertising templates according to different audiences. watching ads.

  • Quick content update: Instant, fast and accurate ad changes, eliminating printing costs.
  • Data sync control: The centralized management system allows to adjust and schedule the display of content at the entire advertising screen in many places at the same time.
  • Automatically adjust to target audience: Captures customer's face and demographic information and automatically displays ads tailored to the viewing audience.
Display Space Management

Manage display space in the store with Heatmap technology

With IP CAM 360 and video and image analysis and processing systems, the thermal measurement system will clearly indicate areas of interest to customers in the form of heat maps. From there, the store will be able to change, improve, and present it again later for the best.


Assess the interest level of each display area in the store in real time.

Statistics and reports

Update areas of interest based on percentages in the form of graphs.

Centralize Management

Centralize Management

All information and content will be summarized and reported in the form of charts in a Dashboard.
Therefore, management levels can understand the situation and operation of the entire store system in real time, anywhere, anytime.


Easily manage in-store activity and targeted communications, advertising, and offers.


The information will be displayed in the form of a graph, allowing you to monitor, coordinate and evaluate store performance.

Export report

Allows export of report data under various criteria and conditions depending on the needs of the store.

Compare data

Statistics and compare activity metrics simply and quickly by day, month or year.

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