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After a long time dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic, businesses are approaching and using technology solutions more to adapt to the “new normal life”, in which the solutions applying Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI creation is a priority choice to enhance customer experience, promote business operations and communicate effectively.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer an unfamiliar term, but not everyone understands the power or application of AI in building effective marketing or business strategies. AI is a breakthrough application in data recognition and analysis, from this great application, businesses can easily capture the psychology and buying behavior of customers and understand them better.

Analyze and understand customers based on available data

Using data to make decisions is a growing trend in all businesses but especially in the retail industry. Data is not simply numbers, but behind it are many stories and insights for the brand to develop further.

In the era when businesses are promoting digital transformation, customer-centric business models create a strong pervasive trend in many industries and fields around the world in general and in Vietnam in general. private. The current reality is that companies own a lot of data about customers and customer behavior but have not been exploited and used effectively for business development strategies.

Based on these objective motivations, AIONtech has launched AIONStore – A set of store chain digital transformation solutions, allowing businesses to easily statistics and evaluate customer information, needs and concerns. , thereby personalizing the customer experience and driving revenue growth.

In particular, the Visitor Detection solution to identify and analyze customer data applying facial recognition technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered a breakthrough “tool” to help businesses capture the psychology of customers. as to improve the customer experience in the most optimal way.

Outstanding features help the Visitor Detection solution score points in the eyes of retailers

Visitor Detection applies facial recognition technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the camera system, stores can identify and classify which are new customers, returning customers and customers who have purchased. From there, the store will have appropriate navigation activities for customers.

Identify and identify customers

Customer face recognition technology makes it possible for the store to recognize member customers, new customers or VIP customers, immediately after identification, the system will directly notify the sales staff, Pay attention to old customers, advise in accordance with their needs and simultaneously take care of new customers to make a good impression for the store.

All customer information will be stored in the store’s system for employees to easily track information, capture purchase history to understand their customers better.

Improve the quality of customer service 

In fact, if you walk into a store, if you are recognized by the store staff with a greeting calling your name, it will surely make you a little impressed with the store as well as the credit for the service. customer service here. At the same time, this will also help you feel happier and have sympathy for the products/services at the store or in other words, your experience journey becomes more wonderful.

Therefore, AIONStore pays great attention to the customer identification feature, thanks to which the store staff can recognize and classify customers as well as easily know the customer’s name and actively greet if it is an old customer.

Personalize the promotion

AI application is considered an extremely important factor, not only attracting more customers but also increasing their loyalty by personalizing store promotions. With the help of artificial intelligence, brands can easily discover the preferences, habits and income levels of their customers and make the most suitable recommendations.

A study shows that customers tend to pay higher prices for products/services that are personalized to their needs. On the other hand, if a brand cannot satisfy customer needs efficiently and quickly, then customers will be more willing to switch to another brand.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the store’s operating system will record the entire customer journey, such as: what to see, what to buy, how to leave a review, etc. ..all are recorded instantly. From this information, brands can segment customers based on age, location, interests and more. Segmenting the market will make for a better personalized experience, creating a more relevant customer loyalty program instead of just using one model for all customers.

Khách hàng đánh giá cửa hàng khách hàng sau khi mua/sử dụng sản phẩm/dịch vụ
Customers rate customer stores after buying/using products/services

Recently, Spotify used AI to recommend personalized playlists based on listeners’ musical preferences. Statistics have shown that these playlists will have a longer listening time, 80% of listeners will search for songs in these playlists themselves, and the number of saved songs increases to 66%.

Automatic body temperature measurement and alarm

In addition to the above outstanding features, this solution of AIONStore is also the optimal solution in the context of complicated Covid-19 situation, the temperature measurement feature and automatic warning help stores control the temperature of customers. Shop easily and securely with facial recognition.

Khách hàng được đo thân nhiệt bằng nhận diện khuôn mặt trước khi vào cửa hàng
Customers have their temperature taken by facial recognition before entering the store

At the same time, detect unusual cases and immediately issue warnings so that the store can take timely measures to handle.

Any AI application in the retail industry helps brands better understand their customers. Businesses should take advantage of this information to help improve their products and services to be more and more relevant to customers. With the application of personalization of AI, the company does not need to create new products or services, but instead simply provides customers with what they want and need.

Building customer loyalty takes time and effort. However, understanding customer psychology has become easier thanks to AI applications. Artificial intelligence seems to have become an indispensable tool to help businesses stay competitive in the market. Therefore, the mission of businesses must always be to grasp trends and innovate to be able to adapt in the long term but still attract and “retain” customers. Contact us immediately for advice. and implement real-life smart AI solutions for retail stores.

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