Công nghệ trở thành "cánh tay" đắc lực cho doanh nghiệp

Even before, during and after the pandemic, improving customer experience is always a key priority of digital transformation businesses and is considered one of the important “weapons” to affirm their position and increase the connection between customers and the brand. However, Covid-19 is seen as a catalyst to accelerate businesses’ strategies for using technology to help create seamless, complete and memorable journeys.

Today, customers not only pay for a product or service, but also pay for the experience during their purchase and use of the product. They demand, they crave brands, brands must understand them, know what they like, need and want or rather personalize. Therefore, businesses must pay attention to each customer touch point to create a perfect experience journey.

To do this well, technology is an “effective assistant”, in addition to integrating technology into applications and software, businesses should also apply them to improve interoperability on all channels and contribute to creating a memorable user experience. Some developing technologies can be mentioned as AR, AI, virtual assistant, …

The impact of technology on customer expectations

When a customer buys your services or products, they want to make the payment quickly and conveniently instead of the outdated and inconvenient traditional methods. In an era when the application of technology becomes popular, it means that customers are demanding more, expecting more:

  • Can we access multiple devices simultaneously?
  • Will you respond to my request in real time?
  • Is your website regularly updated?
  • Will you keep us informed of all your new products and services?
  • Will you listen to our feedback and really improve your service accordingly?

Fortunately, technology allows businesses to meet these modern needs in a number of different ways while still delivering great customer experiences.

Customer service 24/7

Times change, business 4.0 is forced to keep pace with customers 4.0, “God” needs to be present at all times if you don’t want to lose customers to your competitors, because if you don’t “afternoon” They will have someone else do it for you.

Áp dụng công nghệ để "thỏa mãn" khách hàng mọi lúc mọi nơi
Apply technology to “satisfy” customers anytime, anywhere

Hiring a lot of shift workers to serve customers is not an optimal option, instead, businesses should invest in technology solutions, which can do better than humans. A virtual assistant online via email, SMS, chat box … answering questions, problems and supporting the online shopping process of customers 24/24 will help customers have sympathy and plus points your business.

Use valuable insights and turn them into actions to improve customer service

It would be great if you could collect buyer information without having to ask the customer directly.

Through the use of advanced end-to-end analytics, technology can track and measure the “online footprint” of customers, clarifying specific customer information such as: What customers want ? What type of product/service are they interested in? Or even What they are not satisfied about your business.

Thanks to technology, you can easily track your customers both online and offline to build a better picture of their behavior. By understanding the customer as an individual, you can tailor your sales, marketing, and customer service strategies to them. Proper use of this data can also guide your future product development.

Additionally, companies can use technology to help them pre-empt problems, prevent losses, and create commercial solutions to major deficiencies in their CX strategy. People analytics tools can be very useful when it is quick and simple to collect feedback from a large number of customers.

Công nghệ góp phần cho doanh nghiệp thấu hiểu và làm hài lòng khách hàng
Technology contributes to businesses understanding and satisfying customers

Gone are the days of tirelessly chasing customer feedback and spending months working on spreadsheets analyzing data. Advances in technology make it possible to capture customer satisfaction on a regular basis to identify problems for timely handling and remedial action.

By listening and understanding your customers, you are sure to discover innovations or improvements that you might not have thought of, and customer feedback will also help you decide where to invest. and what to do next for the best results.

Customers “self-control” solve all desires

A lot of customers do not like to receive support from staff, they want to do everything themselves through your website. This means you must know how to apply technology so that it can help customers get the best experience without too much difficulty. Make webinars, blogs, create podcasts, and post online videos to make it easy for your clients to collect tutorials whenever they need them.

Existing customer autonomy is a positive sign and a very advanced form of customer service. It will establish your business as an authority in the area of building credibility and loyalty.

“Dominate” the machine, don’t let the machine “dominate”

While technology is certainly a help, it’s important to note that human-to-human contact will never be superfluous. Technology should be used to improve the customer experience, not create the foundation for it.

A common mistake companies make is trying to build a customer experience strategy around their technology. This can lead to customers only judging a company by its technology solutions when they should be analyzing every individual interaction with that company’s brand and people. You should define a customer experience strategy and then find the right technology solutions to better achieve your goals.

Make an emotional connection

One of the most effective steps when trying to create a customer experience is the ability to build an emotional connection with a customer. If you want to truly understand your customers’ needs, then you must be able to connect with them on a personal level. Technology may be advancing at breakneck speed, but our ability to use our imaginations and empathize with people is still too complex and limited.

Kết nối cảm xúc với khách hàng là một điều cực kỳ quan trọng
Emotional connection with customers is extremely important

Customer experience is most effective when a real-life emotional connection is made. In other words, customers will only be satisfied and loyal to you if they feel they are emotionally cared for, cared for and responded to.

The adoption of technology into business operations is absolutely necessary to improve the overall experience and increase customer satisfaction. So stay up to date with the latest technology developments and carefully and properly implement them to benefit your business.

In general, from the F&B industry to retail, technology is rising to the challenge. With technology, businesses across industries are improving the customer experience by speeding up tasks, better understanding customer behavior and preferences, and providing new interfaces. to help customers more satisfied in the transaction process.

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